Ulta x R29 Somos


            OBJECTIVE  Highlight Ulta Beauty’s dedication to the Latinx audience by driving a more emotional dialogue with her.
            CONCEPT  There's been a wave of Latinx influence on the American beauty market in the last decade. Latinx women make up the largest demographic of beauty consumers in the U.S., wearing products as symbolism that bears significance far beyond a classic trend, and representing some of the biggest innovators and creatives in the industry. These factors connect them as a community, but they’re still so different.
            In partnership with Ulta Beauty, Refinery29 will further foster representation and inclusion for the Latinx community by launching Somos Latinx, a dedicated channel that takes R29’s Latinx content programming to new heights.
           WORK  We’ll launch a mix of editorial sponsorship and custom photo features in its dedicated content hub on R29.com, a bespoke video series that explores Latinx beauty subcultures, a dedicated Instagram page, and an experiential activation during Latinx Heritage Month.
            ROLE  Creative Direction

Note: production is currently on hold due to COVID-19.

            PROGRAM BRANDING  Brand identity for R29 Somos (both editorial and Ulta’s sponsored content) to live across the whole R29 ecosystem (onsite, social, experiential, video)
            1. Logo 
            2. Color Palette — The color palette includes bright and saturated colors along with neutral colors for balance and contrast. These colors are associated with and feel celebratory to Latinx culture.
            3. Iconography —  Family of designed icons that will be used with borders.
            4. Design Treatment — Visual content will include designed frames to feel cohesive, and distinctly Latinx.

            CONTENT HUB

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            @R29SOMOS INSTAGRAM 

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            PHOTO FEATURE #1 — Latinx Beauty is Not Monolithic
            WHAT WE KNOW Latinx is often represented as looking a certain way, following traditional perspectives. It is largely due to the fact that media has long lacked representation of the full range of all Latinx women.
            THE OPPORTUNITY Shine a light on the intersection of beauty and identity among Latinx women that break this traditional portrayal. Mini profiles will spotlight three diverse Latinx women who are challenging and dispelling traditional Latinx beauty standards. They will draw from their own experiences and their own journeys, and this will help inform the narrative in how their relationship with beauty has changed.