The Lost City of Z

MARCH 2017

            OBJECTIVE Amazon Studios and Bleecker Street tasked The New Yorker brand studio to spread awareness of the new film, 'The Lost City of Z."
            CONCEPT With such a strong New Yorker backstory, where the original story was first released on The New Yorker in print, our story maps out the underlying obsession from the original explorer, Percy Fawcett to David Grann, whose article originated in 2005 in The New Yorker (and best-selling book in 2009), to James Gray's search for authenticity, while using 35mm film, to emulate Percy's story in film.
            WORK The fully illustrated site is treated as one large piece of art work, with motion graphics and interactive hover hot spots that reveal a timeline, supporting the main narrative. It starts with an illustrated video, showcasing portraits of the 3 men, moving you quickly through their various origins, and ends with them in a jungle setting, where they all come together signifying their tie. As you move deeper into the content, the darker backdrops and heavier greenery and vines simulates ones journey deeper into the jungle. Various illustrated maps, in an infographic sense, that transitions you to the next character's story in this larger fascination of 'Z'.
            ROLE  Creative Direction, Art Direction, UX Design, Visual Design

             I really recommend checking out the Live Article Here for yourself.

            FINAL RESULTS

           Named Best of Brandtale

           161% over-delivery on Page Views
           50% Video Completion Rate on Desktop
           2+ min Average Time on Site
           70k+ Social Referrals
           177k+ Potential Twitter Reach
           25% reached or surpassed 50% scroll depth

Illustrator: Kirsten Sims