Charles Schwab


            OBJECTIVE Charles Schwab came to us to amplify their brand campaign on The Power of Questions, and how great outcomes start with asking questions.
            CONCEPT We came back with a cartoon-rich, scientifically-led custom content program that surrounds What Kind of Questioner Are You that also investigates what and how the questions are being asked in situational, slightly satirical series of questions.
            WORK This questionnaire led to a highly-shareable results page, with personalized data fields with the quiz-taker’s name, and long-form analysis that over-performed in time on site. To add another layer to engagement, we created the one thing The New Yorker audience has already come to love for years: a cartoon caption contest.
            With the involvement of social media (Instagram) and high-impact media, we achieved the highest engagement from branded content at The New Yorker yet — having to extend our servers after an unforeseen level of traffic (!!)
            ROLE  UX Design

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