Gucci Eyewear


            OBJECTIVE Promote Gucci’s 2019 Eyewear collection with an illustrious program, infusing Gucci’s creative approach and Refinery29’s impactful narratives.
            CONCEPT Sunglasses have become synonymous with transformative power, not only for the music, film, and fashion set, but also tourists. And there is no larger concourse of the passerby of the world than New York.
            People come here to reconstruct their surroundings, opportunities, or themselves. And when we put on our Gucci sunglasses, it’s especially transformative — of what we see and how we feel. Going beyond a fashion accoutrement or a protective shade against the bright lights, we look forward to the things right in front of us, and what’s to come.
            WORK Gucci and Refinery29 partnered to create a “yearbook” of real people, in real time, on the streets of NYC. By Central Park and Union Square, we streetcasted 27 people crossing New York City, asked them to put on their Gucci sunglasses, and look into the future through this snapshot in time. 
            ROLE  Creative Direction / Concept

            Live Article Here

"There's something bigger out there for me in NYC, and I feel it, but it's been hard for me to place my finger on what that is."

            SELECT IMAGES

Photographer: Charlotte Hadden
Makeup: Kelsey Morgan
Styling: Dijana Nedelcovych
Casting Director: Lilac Perez
Photo Director: Florencia Rolandelli
Senior Photo Producer: Lisa Gonzalez
Fashion Editor: Chelsea Peng
Design: Andreina Carillo