OBJECTIVE Create an upfront program to drive awareness, engagement, and purchase along PUMA’s 2018 messaging of ‘Do You’. Along product priority drops, year-long campaign needed to tap into Refinery29’s Gen Z audience.
            CONCEPT Before you ‘do you,’ you have to find you. We define who we are through what we discover daily, the people we surround ourselves with, and the styles that we wear.
            WORK This platform explores the power of micro-influencers that reflects the ethos and messaging across five different PUMA shoe drops — from uncovering the spirit of one’s being, to how individuality is formed by who you choose to surround yourself with.
            ROLE  Creative Direction / Concepts, Art Direction, Editorial Direction

            RESULTS  Campaign #5 was a Nominee for Advertising, Media, & PR: Branded Content - Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle in the 2019 Webby Awards.


            Playing off the shoe name DEFY, this custom photo story pulls at the duality of being a female athlete: a female and an athlete. Through a interview with Skylar Diggins, a basketball player in the WBNA and a role model for many girls, we explored who she is, her routine, and how she gives back to teach kids the life lessons and skills that comes from being an athlete. We went to Dallas to scout a rustic, weathered gym that hints at this youthful time of gym class, and with various outfits to represent the multitudes of her—on and off the court.

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            Everyone has something unique to bring to the table, but when women come together, we all rise, and we all thrive. Collective communities give women a stimulating space to circle around their common interests. From music to fashion to nail art, women empowering other women creates a force that’s bolder together, fueling infinite creativity.

            Inspired by the PUMA Varsity Pack drop, we celebrate women coming together and creating collaboratively in this social-first program.

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